SharePoint specialists in a GMP world

QikSolve’s experienced consultants understand both what SharePoint can do and the complexity of GMP requirements. In addition to providing Ibiqs, our proprietary commercial off the shelf (COTS) software platform for quality management. We can extend the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to support any other aspect of your organisation, including GMP critical applications. Through our understanding of the regulatory requirements governing computer systems and practical knowledge we are placed to deliver to the unique requirements of GxP regulated companies. Based on our experience and industry knowledge we can help you sort the 1000’s of existing SharePoint applications that you can plug into your SharePoint system to add functionality. It might be to add specialising reporting or to add language capabilities or disability aids. We can advise you on SharePoint applications that can be used to meet your needs, install them and customise them to give you exactly what you need to do the job.

The Benefits