SharePoint Quality Management System for Food Manufacturers

A SharePoint Quality Management System is an ideal solution for food manufacturers who need to deliver high-quality products and ensure that the products are manufactured consistently to the same standard. QikSolve can help you to implement the right systems, policies, procedures and controls to build an efficient and reliable Quality Management System to support your business.

Modules available

Customer complaints
The customer complaint module enables you to efficiently manage your customer complaints - an important factor in regulated industries where patient safety is the number one priority.
Change control
Our change control module allows you to track and manage the creation, approval and associated actions of critical changes required by your systems and processes.
The audit module provides you a way to manage both internal and external supplier audits. You can control the initial audit planning and scheduling all the way through to the final reporting.
Supplier management
Suppliers, can be easily managed and integrated into your audit program. Any documentation collected during the audit process is available for the supplier, as well as any associated deviations or non-conformances.
Deviations and non-conformances
This module can capture all the detail surrounding issues such as process failures, exception events, adverse events and even site incidents as well as track any recurring trends so you can be make proactive decisions.
Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
Our CAPA module provides a way to efficiently manage your CAPA documentation so you can stay on top of issues and view metrics on your CAPA process efficiency.
Electronic document management system
Ibiqs can quickly configure your existing SharePoint so that it compliantly houses and controls your critical business and quality documents in a secure cloud environment or server at your site.