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Office 365 configuration and development services

Office 365 for GMP

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a part of the general Microsoft Office suite and provides a comprehensive platform for getting your team to work more effectively and collaboratively. 

With Office 365 for the enterprise, you get the essential latest Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as all the infrastructure to run your business like Exchange, Active Directory, Skype for Business Server and SharePoint Online. 

While the Office suite contains powerful tools on its own, there is often a missing link between using Office 365 and using Office 365 in the context of GMP and other regulated environments.

With our experience in GMP, Quality systems and Computer systems validation, we can help you get the most out the Office Suite in light of your oganisational and process requirements. 

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Office 365 configuration and development services

Getting Office 365 set up for your GMP organisation right the first time is a critical step in maximising your return on investment from the Office 365 platform. QikSolve brings the experience and knowledge required to navigate through the array of options and features that are available in Office 365 for GMP companies.

All software updates are managed through the tight controls and processes backed by Microsoft to give you the latest in security and usability to get your work done and is also financially backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee from Microsoft. The customer base is comprised of 80% of Fortune 500 companies as well as other smaller companies operating in Australia and around the world. 

Office 365 suits the GMP environment with a trusted supplier with robust and audited controls with documented processes to handle all the server maintenance, data backups and business continuity options with geo-redundant servers. Importantly Microsoft will only use your data for services you have agreed on your data won’t be used for advertising, you have access to your data at any point and can choose to retrieve your data. 

Office 365 for GMP businesses gives you the flexibility to access your data from anywhere with the cloud-based technology. Office 365 for GMP is made to collaborate letting you work in real time with other users effectively as a team on the same document without the headaches of emailing out attachments. With Office 365 you are able to access your familiar office applications across your devices, reviewing documents on your phone or table or authoring spreadsheets on your desktop, these systems are all seamlessly integrated.

Main reasons organisations choose Office 365:

  • Easily Accessible 80%
  • Facilitates collaboration 60%
  • Cost effective 50%
  • Reliable 40%
  • Increased storage 40%
  • Integrates with other software 30%

What services do we offer?

Gap / FIT assessment

If your organisation is currently looking at options for your productivity suite, QikSolve can help you gain an understanding of what your requirements should include, assess different options available in the market from Microsoft and other vendors, and assess if there will be a requirement for any additional customisation to meet your business needs. 


Intranet design

 Our team has a broad range of experience from a variety of industries including medical devices, healthcare, logistics, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Because of this, we can offer demonstrated, best-practice intranet solutions to your organisation. We are also able to offer consulting services for other management systems standards including ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and AS/NZS4801.


Feature Discovery

 If you are already using Office 365 for GMP, you may be barely scratching the surface of what you could do. QikSolve can assist in understanding your key challenges day to day, and explain how the Office 365 technology stack could help you solve those problems without spending money on a new service or training your users on a new platform.


Compliance and Security

We can assist you with the set up and configuration of your Office 365 environment to ensure that the required features are active and correctly configured. This will ensure that you are meeting your compliance requirements, processes are documented and audit trails are easily accesible so that a thorough review of your procedures and systems can be performed.


Email and File management

With our experience using implementing and using Office 365 our technical writers and developers can help you to create your documentation, data and information governance practices using the guidance from Microsoft for best practices. As well as assisting you in the practical implementation and management of those governance policies.


Migration to Office 365 for GMP

 Migration to a new platform is simplified with our experience, we can assist you in the process of developing operational and change management plans to maximise the value from your new suite and ensure your compliance goals are met. We rely on practices from Microsoft and to identify critical impact areas and long-term governance plans for effectively controlling the environment.