ISO9001 and GMP audit management software

Conducting internal and supplier audits is an essential part of ISO and GMP compliance. Our audit management software will makes life so much easier – with automated audit scheduling, audit team collaboration tools, reporting and metrics generation – with workflows all built-in.

The Benefits

Audit scheduling
If you are juggling internal audits, supplier audits and compliance audits with one audit team, you want to make sure you are not double-booking critical team members or forgetting when they are on leave. The scheduling function within the audit management module can automate the process of audit scheduling to consider all these necessary factors.
Streamline audits
Support your audit response team when you are being audited by a regulator or customer. This is particularly useful for contract manufacturing organisations with multiple customers (and thus frequent audits). A collaboration area can track information and documents as they are requested and supplied to auditors.
Access from anywhere
The audit management software enables employees to securely login and access it from anywhere. You can also allow anonymous access via a form on a webpage, so suppliers or customers can submit information that automatically goes into the audit management workflow.
SharePoint’s extensive analytics and reporting capabilities enables you monitor metrics about your audit function. A dashboard gives you key metrics – such as tracking actions or adherence to the audit schedule, or how many suppliers have been audited within a period of time.
Self-inspection and supplier audits are necessary to comply with GMP or an ISO management system standard. By using the audit management module you can demonstrate to regulatory auditors that you have a robust audit system in place, and that findings are being followed up and closed out.
Workflows and permissions
You can minimise the administration time spent chasing actions to close out audit findings by using the workflows within the ISO and GMP audit management module. See at a glance who has a specific action waiting for them to do, and send reminders to those who have still to complete audit actions.
Audit reporting
The audit management software is built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, and as such, it natively works with all the MS Office programs e.g. MS Word, MS Excel etc. You can have pre-built audit report templates pre-built that you can easily make available, so everyone is working from the latest template (instead of trying to work out which is the latest one on the shared network drive).
Our ISO and GMP audit management module ensures a smooth workflow when planning, undertaking or closing out audits. The module also integrates with the CAPA module to enable you to close out audit findings efficiently. Having the data within one system allows you to mine it for patterns and linkages – something SharePoint is very good at.