Change Control Management Software

Managing change is a critical component of being compliant with GMP or ISO quality standards. Effective change control protects product safety and ensures a safe working environment. Our Ibiqs SharePoint system includes a robust Change Control Management software module. This module integrates with all the other modules, so everything is within one system and a change can be efficiently managed across the entire organisation. For example, if a change results in a requirements for training within the organisation, the Ibiqs Change Control Management module can activate a training request within a training management system within SharePoint or can send/receive data from another source

The Benefits

Streamline audits
Instead of rummaging through a filing cabinet or frantically searching in an Excel spreadsheet, you can quickly respond to an auditor’s request for information about an operational change by searching in the IBIQs system to find the right record and then following the links to find the information the auditor has requested
Having an effective Change Control Management system is considered critical by auditors. The IBIQs SharePoint Change Control module allows you to reduce the effort required at audit time as everything will be in the one place (all your Quality documents, Change Control forms etc). IBIQs offers streamlined workflows to capture and manage changes, so they don’t fall between the cracks.
Analytics & reports
Ibiqs uses SharePoint’s extensive analytics and reporting capabilities to give you the stats you’ll need for internal reporting and measurement. A dashboard will give you the key metrics – such as the number of outstanding change control forms. You can then drill down to find more detailed information, such as where forms are getting stuck and who a particular change control form is with.
Search to find
Manually searching through endless filing cabinets can be a source of great frustration. IBIQs uses SharePoint’s advanced search functionality, allowing users to easily find the change control records they are looking for, quickly and easily.
Workflows & Permissions
Change Control typically involves many departments across an organisation. This means there are multiple opportunities for communication breakdowns and failure for the change to be completed. The IBIQs Change Control Management module includes robust and customisable workflows so you can make sure that the right people in your organisation get the right information at the right time to make changes happen.
Customised forms and workflows
Already got a change control process that works for you? It can be smoothly transferred to IBIQs by re-creating your forms and workflows using SharePoint’s customization capabilities. If your process needs improvement we can provide best-practice advice on how to setup an effective Change Control management system within IBIQs.
If you are using a manual Change Control system you’ll understand the pain associated with using paper-based documents to generate necessary data, and the legwork required to route and track change submissions. Changes take far longer than they should, which impacts business performance.
Changes ‘falling between the cracks’ are a common problem in a complex environment. Things don’t get done when they should and communication breakdowns are frequent. The Ibiqs SharePoint Change Control Management software integrates with the other relevant components of your QMS within SharePoint, such as Document Management and nonconformances.