ISO 9001 customer complaint tracking software

Where do your customer complaints go? Into a filing cabinet? Stuck in someone’s inbox? Are they being managed and tracked effectively? The customer complaint tracking software module within our Ibiqs product will do just that. Customer Complaints tracking is a requirement of the ISO 9001 quality management system and is considered critical within regulated GMP environments. Auditors are likely to review how you manage and track customer complaints, so having an electronic customer complaint tracking system will reduce audit time and findings. It will also reduce the risk of product recalls and can improve product quality and safety and increase customer satisfaction.

The Benefits

Improve customer satisfaction
With an IBIQs system in place, your customer service team will be able to efficiently find information about each customer complaint and respond correctly to customer’s on the status of their complaint. Rather than “I’ll get back to you”, your team will be able to inform the customer exactly what has been done so far and the current status of the complaint.
Streamline audits
Instead of rummaging through a filing cabinet or frantically searching in an Excel spreadsheet, you can quickly respond to an auditor’s request for information about a customer complaint by clicking on the links in an online form. Having an efficient customer complaints tracking system means less resources are needed to support audits.
Workflows & Permissions
SharePoint offers an automated customer complaints routing, review and approval process, with email notifications for every step. This minimises the administration time spent tracking customer complaints and removes a source of audit panic (you really don’t need any more of those!).
Search to find
Online search functions can be a source of great frustration. IBIQs uses SharePoint’s advanced search functionality, allowing users to easily find the customer complaints records they are looking for (handy when the customer is on the phone wanting to know the status of their complaint).
Having a customer complaints tracking system in place is an ISO 9001 and GMP requirement and is considered as critical by auditors. The IBIQs SharePoint customer complaints system allows you to reduce the effort required at audit time as everything will be in the one place (all your Quality documents, CAPA actions etc). IBIQs offers streamlined workflows to capture and manage complaints, so nothing gets ignored in someone’s email and makes no further progress.
Customised forms and workflows
Already got a customer complaints process that works for you? It can be smoothly transferred to IBIQs by re-creating your forms and workflows using SharePoint’s customization capabilities. Typically, a customer complaints process involves just 3 steps: a coordinator or manager raising a new complaint, an internal investigation step, and final resolution of the issue, approved by the appropriate manager.
Analytics & reports
Ibiqs uses SharePoint’s extensive analytics and reporting capabilities to give you the stats you’ll need for internal reporting and measurement. A dashboard will give you the key metrics – such as the number of outstanding customer complaints and how long it typically takes to resolve them. You can then drill down to find more detailed information. Reports can be customised to provide the information you need to present.
The Ibiqs SharePoint customer complaints tracking software solution integrates with the other relevant components of your QMS within SharePoint, such as CAPA, change control and nonconformances. You can have a workflow that includes the systems you need to include so that nothing gets forgotten or falls between the cracks of having disparate systems to manage different Quality processes. Your customer complaint forms can trigger other forms e.g. change control forms, from within the system, connecting one process to the next.