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Why should you stop procrastinating on your QMS management reviews!

QMS Management reviews are the perfect opportunity for your management team to step away from their day to day tasks and priorities. To take the time out to review how the business performing against the vision and strategy as set out in the QMS against the key performance indicators. It can be a great time to discuss improvement opportunities, and make evidence based decisions for improvement and evaluate any issues raised during the period. In this post, you can learn about what a quality management system management review is, when you should be conducting them and how to keep them from becoming boring unproductive rituals.

Instead of being a hassle or a time sink, Management Review should be one of the main elements of continuous improvement practices. Management review is all about reviewing the available data to confirm that adequate resources are present to ensure customer satisfaction and improve the product and services. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that all the effort going into improving your customer satisfaction is aligned with your evolving company vision and strategy?

What is a QMS management review?

The Quality management system management review is a formal, structured meeting to ensure the that Quality Management System objectives remain aligned with the direction of the business, as well as establish that it is still effective in monitoring the critical aspects of the delivering Quality and value to the customers. The management review should involve management at the highest levels, with the objective of instilling the values of the organisation into the management systems that it uses. The primary objective should revolve around the idea of finding ways of keeping the customer happy. With your QMS management review, it is important to be aware of the difference between it and your regular management meetings. Management meetings often address day-to-day work practices, upcoming sales activities, and internal minutia. The Quality management system management review is focused on the management systems as detailed within your manual.

What should the management review include?

Your management reviews could be said to cover two distinct categories, evaluating the effectiveness of your management systems at improving your performance and monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation of the system. The review should include, where possible use trended data to should any indications of improvement or deterioration:

  • Requirements of the quality management system e.g. results of internal audits
  • Quality management system performance and trends
  • Opportunities for continual improvement (8.5.1)
  • Monitoring of quality objectives
  • Results of the regular reporting
  • Evaluation of the cost of poor quality

5.6.2 Review Input Agenda

The management review process should focus on the following inputs:

  • Audit results
  • Product conformity
  • Improvements opportunities
  • Customer feedback, positive and negative
  • Process performance and product conformity
  • Status of corrective actions and preventive actions
  • Changes that might affect the system e.g. changes to standards, legislation, technology, business activities
  • Suitability of previous review outcomes and actions

5.6.3 Review Output Minutes/Actions

The management review process should generate the following outputs:

  • Process improvement actions
  • Quality Management System improvement actions
  • Product improvement actions
  • Resource provision actions
  • Management meeting minutes

When should you conduct your QMS management review?

You should aim to do a Quality management system management review at least once a year, however more often is usually appropriate to get the most out of it. In order to keep the day to day business from interfering, you should set your planned intervals each year and lock in the time. You may wish to take the opportunity to break the QMS management review meetings into components and address certain aspects only; there is nothing to say that you have to go through the full agenda, it is also important to not duplicate effort if you cover certain aspects as part of other management meetings.

Think different, how electronic QMS helps your Quality management system management review process!

One of the most costly aspects of running QMS management reviews is gathering data and ensuring there is a single version of the truth to all the critical metrics, using electronic systems to capture your Quality events allows for instant reporting and trending of data giving you the information at your fingertips to make data driven decisions. At QikSolve, we evaluate our performance on a weekly basis with electronic reports distributed to each department and rolled up for management, these form the basis of management reviews held each month. There is little time spent discussing the details of what the numbers say as it is expected that they are read and reviewed prior to coming into the meeting, time is spent discussing the why and how we can improve and any bigger picture discussions on the direction of the company.