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SharePoint Template Sites

by | Mar 29, 2018 |

Why should you use SharePoint template sites?

Have you got Office 365 and are looking at how you can get your business up to the latest ISO standards? Are you looking for simple ways to start getting everyone on-board the certification journey that doesn’t involve hours of updating and reading printed manuals and procedures?  Our SharePoint templates allow for quick wins and streamline your path to certification with a modern user friendly experience.

“Organisations benefit from Microsoft Office 365 and found it lowered the solution’s total cost of ownership (TCO), increased user productivity and efficiency, achieved greater focus on strategic priorities, and improved collaboration.”

 – The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Office 365 For Manufacturing Organizations
 – Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Microsoft

We are finding more and more companies are making the change over to Office 365 and with the built in SharePoint platform they have a potentially untapped resource for managing their core business content and records. Based on the research by Forrester companies are seeing an ROI of 207% based on their investment in to Office 365, we believe that you can add further multiples on to this with the QikSolve SharePoint template sites to maximise the availability of your critical content and records across the business in a clean modern framework that is easy to maintain.


There are several core aspects for getting the most out of your Office 365 deployment:
  • Mobility – making your information digital and mobile friendly
  • Control and compliance of your records – keeping track of your critical business information in a centralised secure environment
  • Collaboration – Getting information and working together from anywhere in the world saves time and increases the effectiveness of the output.
  • Easy to use modern experience – Utilise your existing office knowledge to build a platform that works for your business

What is a Office 365 SharePoint template site

Our SharePoint template sites act as a starter packs to getting you on your way building a central intranet to house and manage all your critical content, including the base document templates formatted to your needs giving you the guidance to create a platform that works for your business.

However, unlike vanilla word document templates, our SharePoint site will help you maintain and control your processes going forward, with robust version controls, powerful registers and forms for your critical processes and knowledge management tools built in with Wiki’s and event management tools. All built in to a digital platform that you can access from any device around the world. Some examples of the built in processes:

Control of documents

Your business requires a new documented procedure to ensure everyone is following the correct method. With our the SharePoint template site, you can automatically request and generate a document based on your procedure template.

The document template will be placed in to a central library now invite some key co-workers to collaborate on the document in real time, once you are ready, publish the document that anyone in the company can now look at. No need for wet signatures, downloading and comparing multiple versions of the document.


  • Improved control over paper
  • Reduced time to update documents and get sign off
  • Increased effectivness of documented information

Recording an incident

Each time an incident of event occurs, it should be captured and recorded and used to improve future operations.

Using SharePoint template sites, a user can quickly find the right form and understand the process through the wikipedia pages that have direct links to the document. Once completed we give the administrator the ability to easily store all those records in a centralised location that is completely indexed for improved ‘find-ability’.


  • Reduced errors and mistakes
  • Higher capture rate of incidents
  • Improved analysis of incidents

Templates configurations

ISO 9001

Using the ISO 9001 templates the core documented information required for your certification journey, with controlled document libraries, centralised registers for key Quality processes and knowledge management wiki pages to manage all the information.

Find out more at – ISO 9001 QMS templates

What are the benefits:

  • Easy for users to pick up
  • Reduce time to certification
  • Expert support when you need it
  • Real tile collaboration
  • Control of your processes
  • Modern user experience that matches your organisation style